Dara(Center), Editor
Jabari(Left), Alia(Right)

Hi my name is Dara Jordan. I am 11 years old. I am the editor of Watoto World Magazine. This year in my magazine we will have games, and stories from new writers as well as music and drawings from my brother Jabari and etc. My favorite TV shows are "Sister to Sister", "Smart Guy" and "Moesha". I like writing stories, even though I don't have time to write alot. I hope you enjoy the magazine.

Dara Jordan is the editor of Watoto World Magazine, an on-line publication sharing the works of Black children from around the world. Dara invites other children to submit their works to her for publication. Short stories, essays, self-sketches, pictures, poems, report cards, and any other forms of expression are welcome. Contact Dara to include your works and to share your thoughts on her's.


From Dara's Desk


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