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My neighborhood 

     My neighborhood I really like, because I have been in this neighborhood mostly all my life. I love it because I see lots of things that I like in my neighborhood that I don't see in other neighborhoods.I have lots of friends in my neighborhood.I have a friend in my neighborhood that I met when I first came out of the car,her name is Nakia.I have known her for at least 6 years.My neighborhood is not a ordinary neighborhood it gets noisy all the time and sometimes when it gets quiet everybody gets worried,because our neighborhood is usually noisy.That is why I love my neighborhood.
Desert Thunder 

   This is my essay on the war going on in Iraq.The Desert Storm with the oil trade in Iraq when Saddam Hussein got control of Kuwait and started a conflict with the oil trade between other countries and the U.S. That is when the U.S. stepped in and put sanctions on Iraq.That is how the war known as the Desert Storm  started.

     Some countries that are having wars in the Middle East are Israel, Palestine, Belgium, Egypt, Kuwait,Saudi Arabia, and South Korea.The country that supported most of these wars are the U.S. The United Nations role in the Desert Storm was to negotiate with Saddam Hussein to let the United Nations find certain things in Iraq.

     President Clinton hopes to take over Iraq,and wants access to Iraq oil.President Hussein hopes to keep control over his country,and to make his country a whole country.Things are going to happen to Iraq during and after the war.The things that will happen during the war is that the Iraqi people will have to move,they will be killed,they will be homeless,they will probably be searched alot.The things that will happen after the war is that Iraq will be messed up.They will have a bad govenment.There will not be alot of homes.Iraq will just be torn up,and then they will have to rebuild Iraq.It is bad that the U.S. is trying to kill Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi people could try to kick Saddam Hussein out of office and get a new leader to make Iraq better.But they do not need to kill Saddam Hussein.

        The U.S. government is appealing to the American public for support ,because they want to openly follow on the plan.Wars of destruction are needed when a country has no other choice,and when they need to defend that country.That is the end of my essay. 

Where Is The Shoe  

Where Is The Shoe
It's gone!
I said
It's gone
Where is the shoe?
How can Igo?
How can I be
The shoe that gave me
The Grassy  shoe!
The Funny shoe!
Where is the shoe?
I have one
I need two
I make a day
With one shoe
 Where is the shoe

A Basketball Player
One day a boy name Kwesi was in a basketball game. He played for the Washinton Wizards. They are playing the Utah Jazz in the MCI Center. The Wizard was winning 56-24
The End

Jabari 7

Love is like a beautiful breeze in the air. 
It has many winds upon it. 
Love never ends its like numbers that never end. 
Love says many words for you.
Love can be very appreciated.
Everybody needs a little love everyday. 
Love can be flowers in your hand. 
You give someone love one day, they will have the best gift of all careness.


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