Recommended African Heritage Books

  1. Infants - Toddlerhood
  2. Pre-Kindergarten & Up
  3. African American Parents & Educators

Infants - Toddlerhood

Author Title Price Code
Denise Lewis Patrick No Diapers For Baby 4.95 BB
Denise Lewis Patrick Peekaboo, Baby 4.95 BB
Nikki Grimes Baby's Bedtime 4.95 BB
Eloise Greenfield Daddy & I 5.95 BB
Eloise Greenfield My Doll Keshia 5.95 BB
Eloise Greenfield I Make Music 5.95 BB
Eloise Greenfield Big Friend, Little Friend 5.95 BB
Dessie & Chevelle Moore Getting Dressed 5.95 BB
Dessie & Chevelle Moore Let's Pretend 5.95 BB
Cheryl Willis Hudson Good Night Baby 5.95 BB
Cheryl Willis Hudson Let's Count Baby 5.95 BB
Cheryl Willis Hudson Good Morning Baby 5.95 BB
Cheryl Willis Hudson Animal Sounds For Baby 5.95 BB

Pre-Kindergarten and Up

Author             Title                                  Price     Code

A. P. Porter       Kwanzaa                                5.95      pb       

Alice Walker       Finding The Greenstone                 16.95     hb       

Armet Francis      Counting In Rhymes                     4.00      pb       

Arthur Lewin       Africa Is Not A Country - It's A       9.95      pb       

Ashley Bryan       Turtle Knows Your Name                 15.95     hb       

Barbara E.         Cassava Stew -- An Original African    4.95      pb       
Alexander          Heritage Folktale                                         

Barbara E. Barber  Saturday At The New You                14.95     hb       
& Anna Rich                                                                  

Beatrice Lumpkin   Senefer -- A Young Genius In Old       8.95      pb       

Bonnie Sose        Designed By God So I Must Be Special   12.95     hb       

Charles and Mary   Black Achievers -- Black Inventors -   6.95      pb       
Russell            Vol. I                                                    

Charles and Mary   Black Achievers -- Black Inventors -   6.95      pb       
Russell            Vol. II                                                   

Charles and Mary   Black Achievers -- Space Leaders -     6.95      pb       
Russell            Vol. III                                                  

Charles and Mary   Black Achievers -- Black Women - Vol.  6.95      pb       
Russell            IV                                                        

Charles and Mary   Black Achievers -- Blacks In Science   6.95      pb       
Russell            - Vol. V                                                  

Charles and Mary   Black Achievers -- Blacks In Medicine  6.95      pb       
Russell            - Vol. VI                                                 

Charles Warren     Fred's First Day                       14.95     hb       

Chaz               Tales Of Mozambique                    12.00     pb       

Cheryl Mattox      Shake It To The One That You Love      15.95     hb       
                   Best: Play Songs and Black Lullabies                      
                   From Black Musical Traditions (w/                         

Cheryl Mattox      My Play A Tune Book / Shake It To The  14.95     hb       
                   One That You Love The Best - Songs                        
                   From Black Musical Traditions                             
                   (Includes Keyboard)                                       

Chisiya            Afrikan Lullaby -- Folk Tales From     6.95      pb       

Crescent           Half A Moon and One Whole Star         3.95      pb       

Dallas and Lisa    The Last Book                          15.00     hb       

David A. Anderson  The Origins Of Life On Earth -- An     18.95     hb       
                   African Creation Myth                                     

Deborah Chocolate  Imani In The Belly                     14.95     hb       

Delores Johnson    What Will Mommy Do When I'm At School  14.95     hb       

Delores Johnson    What Kind Of Baby-Sitter Is This?      14.95     hb       

Diane Wolkstein    The Banza -- A Haitian Story           4.99      pb       

Elizabeth Howard   The Train To Lulu's                    14.95     hb       

Elizabeth O.       Black Mother Goose                     12.95              
Olivier                                                   (hb),              

Eloise Greenfield  First Pink Light                       6.95               

Eloise Greenfield  Nathaniel Talking                      12.95              

Eloise Greenfield  Grandmama's Joy                        13.95              

Eloise Greenfield  She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby  13.00              
                   Girl                                   (hb),              

Eloise Greenfield  Me & Nessie                            4.95      pb       

F. N. Monjo        The Drinking Gourd - A Story of the    12.95     hb       
                   Underground Railroad                                      

Harriet L. St.     Nkili Visits Africa                    6.95      pb       

Helen David        Let's Celebrate Kwanzaa: An Activity   5.95      pb       
Thompson           Book For Young Readers                                    

Helen E. Buckley   Grandfather & I                        13.00     hb       
& Jan Ormerod                                                                

Herschell Turner   The Buffalo Soldiers -- Coloring Book  3.95      pb       

Herschell Turner   The Black West -- Coloring Book        3.95      pb       

Ifeoma Onyefulu    A Is For Africa                        5.95      pb       

Ifeoma Onyefulu    A Is For Africa                        16.95     hb       

John Steptoe       Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters -- An     16.95     hb       
                   African Tale                                              

Judith Lowe        Joe's Cushion                          4.95      pb       

Kathleen           Kwanzaa - How To Celebrate It In Your  21.95     pb       
Minnick-Taylor     Home [A Big Book - 17 x 24]                               

Khadijah           Niyabinghi                             10.00     pb       

Linda Cousins      Huggy Bean and The Origin of the       5.95      pb       
                   Magic Kente Cloth                                         

Linda Cousins      A Desert Adventure                     5.95      pb       

Linda Cousins      We Happened Upon A Beautiful Place     5.95      pb       

Lucille Clifton    Three Wishes                           14.95     hb       

Lucille Clifton    Some Of The Days Of Everett Anderson   5.95      pb       

Lucille Clifton    Everett Anderson's 1-2-3               5.95      pb       

Lucille Clifton    Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming    5.95      pb       

Lucille Clifton    Everett Anderson's Friend              5.95      pb       

Lucille Clifton    Everett Anderson's Goodbye             5.95      bb       

Lucille Clifton    Everett Anderson's Nine Month Long     5.95      pb       

Lucille Clifton    Everett Anderson's Year                5.95      pb       

Mama Nahlu         My Kwanzaa Workbook - A Coloring /     3.95      pb       
                   Activity Book For Young Children                          

Mekada J. Allegne  African Roots In Britain               4.95      pb       

Mildred Pitts      My Mama Needs Me                       16.00     hb       

Muriel Feelings    Moja Means One -- Swahili Counting     5.99      pb       

Muriel L.          Zamani Goes To Market                  8.95      pb       

Nancy White        Wild Wild Sunflower Child Anna         4.95      pb       

Nikki Giovanni     Spin A Soft Black Song                 3.95      pb       

Nikki Grimes       Meet Danitra Brown                     15.00     hb       

Okechukwa K.       The Adventures Of Torri-Tales From     9.95      pb       
Ugoui              West Africa                                               

Oswald Gift        Afro-Tots -- Numbers 123               3.95      pb       

Oswald Gift        Afro-Tots -- Letters ABC               3.95      pb       

Patricia C.        Nettie Jo's Friends                    5.95      b        

Safisha Mahubuti   The Story Of Kwanzaa - An              5.95      pb       
                   Introduction To Origin And Tradition                      

Sanna Stanley      The Rains Are Coming                   14.00     hb       

Sarah Hayes        Eat Up, Gemma                          15.00              

Sopoela Greywolf   When I Look In The Mirror              5.95      pb       

Tom Feelings       Soul Looks Back In Wonder              15.99     hb       

Valerie Banks      Kwanzaa Coloring Book                  4.95      pb       

Verna Aardema      Anansi Finds A Fool                    14.95     hb       

Verna Aardema      Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain      4.99      pb       

Verna Aardema      Oh, Kojo!  How Could You!!             4.99      pb       

Verna Aardema      Bimwili & The Zimwi -- A Tale From     5.99      pb       

Verna Aardema      Rabbit Makes A Monkey Of Lion -- A     4.99      pb       
                   Swahili Tale                                              

Verna Aardema      Princess Gorilla And A New Kind Of     5.99      pb       
                   Water -- A Mpongwe Tale                                   

Veronica Freeman   Afro-Bets -- First Book About Africa   6.95      pb       

African American Parents & Educators

Author Title Price Code
Virginia Hamilton The People Could Fly -- American Black Folktales 18.00 (hb)
11.00 (pb)
21.95 (hb) w/ cassette
Robert Staples & Leonor Boulin Johnson Black Families At The Crossroads 39.95
Amos Wilson The Falsification And Mislabeling Of >Afrikan Consciousness And Behavior9.95pb
Amos N. Wilson Black-On-Black Violence -- The Psychodynamics of Black Self Annihilation In Service of White Domination 15.95 pb
Amos N. Wilson An Outline For Remediating And Preventing Black Adolescent Violence 6.95 pb
Amos N. Wilson The Developmental Pyschology Of The Black Child 10.95 pb
Amos N. Wilson Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children 10.95 pb
E. Curtis Alexander A Methodology For Teaching The Culturally Particular African American Child 3.95 pb
Paulo Frerie Pedagogy Of The Oppressed 9.95 pb
Marva Collins Ordinary Children Extraordinary Teachers 12.95 hb
Gloria Ladson-Billings The Dreamkeepers -- Successful Teachers of African American Children 23.95 hb
David Anderson Kwanzaa: An Everyday Resource & Instructional Guide 14.95 pb
Carter G. Woodson The Miseducation Of The Negro 9.95 pb
Jawanza Kunjufu Developing Discipline And Positive Self-Images In Black Children 9.95 pb
Janice Hale-Benson Black Children: Their Roots, Culture And Learning Styles 12.95 pb
Gloria Ladson-Billings & J. King Cultural Identity Of African Americans: Implications For Achievement 15.95

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