Faculty and Staff

There are 66 staff members. The staff includes the principal, the assistant principal, 25 classroom teachers, 2 head start teachers, 19 staff specialists, 4 educational aides, a secretary, a program coordinator, a clerk-typist, 5 custodians, a counselor, 4 food service workers, and a security aide.

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Head Start Teachers
Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
Kindergarten Teachers
First Grade Teachers
Second Grade Teachers
Third Grade Teachers
Fourth Grade Teachers
Fifth Grade Teachers
Sixth Grade Teachers
Staff Specialists
Support Staff

  • Mr, C. Smalley, Security Aide
  • Mr. K. Davis, Custodian
  • Mr. C. Green, Custodian
  • Ms. T. Harrington, Food Service Worker
  • Mrs. J. Iglesias, Ed. Aide (Head Start)
  • Mrs. V. Koonce, Food Service Worker
  • Mrs. B. Lee, Food Service Worker
  • Ms. McKinney, Cafeteria Manager
  • Mr. D. Matheny, Head Engineer
  • Mr. E. Sampson, Ed. Therapist Asst.
  • Mrs. H. Sampson, Ed. Aide (Media Center)
  • Mrs. T. Shannon, Ed. Aide (Pre-K)
  • Mrs. M. Vaughns, Ed. Aide (Pre-K)
  • Mrs. D. Walston, Ed. Aide (Pre-K)
  • Mrs. G. Simpson, Technologist Aide
  • Ms. R. Washington, Ed. Aide (Media Center)

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