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Millennium Designs
Red and gold george gown with cape (eg30) 2pc green and gold skirt suit w/a tie back top and bolero jacket (eg31) 2pc black and gold george skirt and top with a crystal organza finish -  2pc silver stretch skirt and strapless top with mesh organza lay - Strapless cream and gold stretch gown with mesh organza overlay (eg34-eg35-eg33) 2pc red and gold george skirt with diamond shape tie back top - Mens-3pc gold guinea brocade outfit w/ red and gold george trimming (gm09-eg36)
gm06-gm05 gm07-gm08 eg26 eg32
1199-s14 1199-s19 1199-s28 1199-s27
1298-s23 1298-s26    
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