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Volume III, Edition IV

"The Greatest Hoax of The 20th Century:
European Scientists Infected Africans"

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The Greatest Hoax of The 20th Century: European Scientists Infected Africans

with AIDS And Then Blamed THEM for

The Origin And Spread of The Disease


By Jon Rappaport

As the deadly menace of AIDS has spread throughout the world, so too have theories on its origin. Some scientists point to swine fever as the AIDS source, while others say it was green monkeys or hepatitis research. Whatever the theory, the media – especially in America – have been quick to report the speculation. But, the startling theory that AIDS was triggered and proliferated by a smallpox vaccine administered during the last 13 years throughout the Third World by the World Health Organization (WHO) has received conspicuously little coverage since it was first reported in the London Times, one of the world’s most respected newspapers.

The London Times investigation cited a WHO advisor who claimed that he was hired when the organization began to suspect that its own smallpox vaccination program might have caused AIDS. “That advisor did his study, concluded that the suspicion was correct, and filed his report with WHO,” explained London Times technical correspondent Robert Matthews in a telephone interview. “It was then buried, so he came to us.”

(WHO AIDS spokesman Jonathan Mann, according to Matthews, “has denied our story’s hypothesis that WHO vaccines caused AIDS”)

Pierce Wright, London Times science editor and author of the story, wrote that the advisor’s smallpox vaccine theory makes sense in light of what is known about the spread of AIDS. “It would account for the position of each of the seven Central African states which top the league table of most-affected nations.” he stated. “The greatest spread of HIV [the AIDS virus] infection coincides with the most intense [smallpox] immunization programs.” Wright added that the only South American country that received the WHO vaccines, Brazil, has the highest AIDS incidence in that region, while 14,000 Haitians received the vaccine while visiting Central Africa before returning to their homeland, which emerged as one of the most highly concentrated AIDS regions.

WHO argues that although there are superficial correlations between the countries in which the vaccine was used and the subsequent AIDS epidemic, these don’t cover individual locales or include a case-by-case study of AIDS victims and smallpox inoculees.

Perhaps the most disturbing fact uncovered by Wright’s investigation is that “a meeting of 50[AIDS] experts near Geneva this month revealed that up to 75 million [people in Southern Africa], one third of the population, could have the disease in the next five years.” The African country of Zaire, the world’s leader in AIDS cases, has received as many as 3 million WHO smallpox vaccinations, with neighboring countries like Zambia (19 million vaccinations) and Tanzania (15 million) also especially hard hit..

The London Times article also cited the recent death of a 19 year old American soldier just three weeks after he had been innoculated for smallpox as mandated by the Army. “The recruit who developed AIDS after vaccination had been healthy through high school,” wrote Wright. But after the vaccination, He was admitted to Walter Reed [hospital] suffering from meningitis and rapidly developed further symptoms of AIDS and died after responding for a short time to treatment…”

Following the death, “the Walter Reed team gave a warning [in The New England Journal of Medicine] against a plan to use modified versions of the smallpox vaccine to combat other disease in developing countries.” In effect, the Walter Reed experts now say that other vaccines may also cause AIDS, a belief shared by many in the medical and animal rights community who feel that vaccines often use contaminated animal parts that contain viruses (some unknown) which can combine to form dangerous organisms. (Such is the reasoning behind the theory that AIDS was spread when green monkeys in which an AIDS-like virus has been found, were used to make oral polio vaccines.)

The London Times story concludes that the smallpox immunizing agent itself has triggered the AIDS virus, causing it to transform “from a minor endemic illness of the Third World into the current pandemic.” Local medical experts doubt that specific theory, telling the Weekly that the smallpox vaccine is probably not the AIDS trigger, but that if it is related to AIDS – and there are many reasons to doubt it is – it is instead a carrier of unidentified AIDS-causing micro-organism. Still, it is hard to understand why no mention of the smallpox theory has been reported by the U.S. media in the three weeks since the London Times broke the story. In fact, spokespersons for the Associated Press in Boston, Washington and New York, Reuters at the United Nations and United Press International in New York said they had heard nothing of the story out of London.

The Greatest Hoax of The 20th Century: European Scientists Infected

Africans with AIDS And Then Blamed

THEM for The Origin And Spread of The



As we have observed in our “Net Notes,” countless theories have been published regarding the deadly AIDS virus, its origin and spread. But none has been so astounding as the contention that the virus entered human beings as a result of experiments conducted by European scientists in Africa in their campaign against various diseases on the Mother Continent. Yet, just as journalist John Rappaport claims that the smallpox vaccine may have triggered the AIDS virus in Africa (see article in this issue), others have argued that the real trigger was the polio vaccine, which was injected in Central Africans between 1957 and 1960, long before the smallpox campaign began.

The foundation of this argument was laid by Tom Curtis in an article entitled, “The Origin of AIDS,” that appeared in the May 19, 1992 issue of Rolling Stone. The core premise of Curtis’ piece may be quoted as follows:

“As it happens, equatorial Africa was the site of the world’s first mass trials of an oral polio vaccine—a vaccine cultured in monkey kidneys but different in at least one important respect from the Sabin vaccine ultimately adopted worldwide. This footnote in medical history took place from 1957 to 1960 right in the middle of what was then the Belgian Congo, Rwanda and Burundi—the epicenter of the future African AIDS epidemic. It was developed by a naturalized American polio researcher named Hilary Koprowski—the same Dr. Koprowski who four years later would warn congressmen of the dangers of an almost infinite number of monkey viruses contaminating polio vaccines.” (Emphasis added)

The connection between the oral polio vaccine experiment and the outbreak and spread of the AIDS virus is graphically presented in the comparison of two maps of a certain region in Central Africa:

Writing in the British Medical Journal on July 26th, 1958, Koprowski and his colleagues offered a preliminary report on their mass vaccination campaign. They included in the paper a detailed map showing where nearly a quarter million inoculations had taken place in the northeastern part of the Belgian Congo. The area outlined corresponds roughly to another map in a report published thirty years later in the Reviews of Infectious diseases—the one identifying the regions of highest HIV infection in equatorial Africa. (Emphases added)

Curtis’ outstanding but obscure article laid the groundwork for a new 1,100 page book by British writer Edward Hooper entitled “The River.” In a review of the book published in the Los Angeles Times on December 23, 1999, Times staff writer Marlene Cimons presents Hooper’s thesis as follows:

“[Hooper] reasons that although Africans have been killing and eating the meat of primates for centuries, the earliest known sample of the human AIDS virus is from 1959—After the polio vaccine had been administered. He writes that areas in which the polio vaccine was administered later became the epicenter of the African AIDS epidemic. And he says the researchers giving out the polio vaccine were also engaged in medical experiments on several hundred chimps in an African camp.

“ ‘It is, in short, not unreasonable to propose that some of the [vaccine] batches fed in Central Africa between 1957 and 1960 could have been prepared in chimp tissue, and that some of this tissue may have been infected with the…precursor of HIV,’ ” he writes.

It literally boggles the mind to think that millions of African people have been wiped out and the population of entire nations are now at risk because the experiments of White scientists conducted—NOT IN EUROPE—but in Africa went awry. It behooves all Black people to become fully informed about this, one of the GREATEST SCANDLES in human history. To this end, please find below full citations of the articles and book discussed herein. The entire world should be up in arms over this horrendous mismanagement by modern medical science.


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